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Quick Tools: Deep Breathing

Focusing on breathing is one of the quickest ways to redirect our attention to the present moment.

Steps to deep breathing :

  1. Start by inhale through your nose while counting to 4 in your mind

  2. Hold your breath, and mentally count to 5-8 (depending on how comfortable you are with holding your breath).

  3. Exhale through your mouth slowly until your lungs are completely empty (but don't force it)

  4. Repeat this cycle at least 3 more times or as needed

Other variations:

Square breaths :

  1. Start slowly tracing an imaginary square on your hand, as you draw the first side gently inhale through your nose (counting to 4).

  2. As you draw the second side hold your breath (for a count of 4).

  3. As you draw the third side gently exhale through your mouth for a count of 4

  4. As you draw the last side pause and hold your breath for the count of 4.


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